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We support unstoppable visionaries & creative entrepreneurs.


To embody the FEELings of their dreams, helping bring them to life.

Movement Mentoring for magnificent creatives & spiritual entrepreneurs  


• Embodiment Skills

• Somatic Coaching

• Creative Cultivation

• & more. . . .



A holistic integration of techniques, inspired by Somatic Movement Therapy & Education; The GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® methods, Shen Tao Approach, Restorative Massage & Bodywork, Crisis Intervention Counseling, Dynamic Embodiment™ + more.  

--Celeste Andrea, Movement Mentor




A multi-passionate artist at heart, her many monikers include "high faluting vagabond", "costume creatrix," "dancing doll," & "authentic embodiment extraordinaire"


to name just a few. 

From overcoming childhood brain tumor scares to cavorting with firebreathing sword swallowers,

her unusual trek is a juxtaposition of the senses--

sprinkled with outrageous stage personas, piles of pointe shoes, traveling cats on leashes, harrowing panicky run-ins, and soothing stories.

All which led her to embark on a lifelong journey: Learning How to Embody the Experience of Inner Peace.

She delights in sharing what she's learned. 

By nature (& profession) I'm a movement artist... the soul of my work is embodying authenticity-- I love working with creatives to help them align (physically, spiritually, mentally) into their highest truths.