We support unstoppable visionaries & creative entrepreneurs in embodying their dreams, to help bring them to life.




Movement Mentoring

Embodiment Skills Coaching

Creative Cultivation

With nearly 20 years of professional experience in somatic movement education, bodywork, conceptual design & performing arts--

Our products and services are artistically tailored to address some of the most common themes in humanity: 

• Fear,

• Doubt, &

• Overwhelm.



Through guided steps & exercises that: 

• Calm your nervous system,

• Retrain neuro-muscular patterning,

• Connect the left & right hemispheres of your brain 

We Help You To:

• Cultivate your Unique Inner Truth,

• Activate your Utmost Creative Potential,

• and Illuminate your Personal Superpowers-- 

So you can be more Empowered, Experience Success, Feel Fantastic, and move through life with more Fluid Grace & Ease.

We do this by teaching & utilizing authentic embodiment methods, which are proven to:

• Reduce Stress

• Lessen Anxiety

• Foster Greater Self-awareness

• Increase Mobility, Stability & Flexibility (in both Mind & Body)

We also draw upon our background in the arts to relate to our clients and facilitate serious, personal growth-- in a fun, creative manner.

Other Benefits Often Include:

• Increased Joy

• Paradigm Shifts

• More Curiosity 

• a Sense of Lightness 

• Bigger Smiles

• Relaxed Muscles

• Easier Transitions

• Attentive Self Reflection

• Mindful Self Awareness

• Upturned Ingenuity

• Higher Originality

• Expansion in Talent & Vision

• Exceptional Originality

• Elated Imagination

• Delectable Delight

• & more. . . .


Many of our teachings are derived from a strong foundation and decades of expertise in:

massage therapy & bodywork; the Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis methods; yoga; somatic movement therapy & education; dance; design; and non-verbal communications.