Tamales & tacos & churros, oh my!


With Spanish fans, flamenco dancers, mariachi and confetti surprise . . . . 


It’s fiesta time Santa Barbara, CA.  An annual, long weekend party that takes over the whole town.  Everywhere you turn, in every nook, cranny and corner of the city, there is some sort of celebration.


Which brings us to the FIESTA FLASH SALE of the season!


While many old-time locals are hiding out and taking for the hills, as tourists swarm the town in silly sombreros and mucho margaritas. . .  Over here in SomaCeleste land, we’re offering a daringly different sort of feisty, fiesta fun:

We're slashing prices (like, going back to waaayy old school dolla dolla bill, yo! rates)-- on all 1:1 services.



6 sessions of ANY 1:1 service (including virtual coaching & movement mentoring and/or in-person gyrotonic & massage) 


(valued up to $1800) 

For a Fiesta Flash fancy of only $500. 


Yep.  You get a package of six, private, custom-tailored, 1:1 sessions-- for only $500. 


There only 10 packages available, for a super limited time (just 72 hours!) 

Sale runs Thursday Aug. 1- Sunday, Aug 4.  


And then pricing goes back to normal. (Along with sunbathing on the beach with your new churro belly.  We get it. The cinnamon sugar was totally worth it!)


Just like this limited time, summer season offer.  GRAB IT, LIKE A HOT TAMALE, HERE. 


See what clients are raving about:


Jesse, photographer

One day I'm going to levitate right off the table and kiss those hands!  It just takes me to a different place.  It's different than sleeping.  It's . . . it's just . . . it's amazing!"

Banana Leaves

M.P., retired chiropractor

“This is the magic place! Best therapy ever!  I don’t think I’d be walking without this [Gyrotonic method.] 

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 3.03.53 PM.png

Andrea, tutor

I've been to doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, but never felt anything like this. You make me feel like I'm floating on clouds.   

hannah testimonial screenshot.jpg

Rajita, feng shui guru

“Oh wow.  My husband works out everyday [at the gym] next door, and bought these sessions for me.  I did yoga, I used to live in India; I lived at an ashram, for Ahma, for 10 years.  THIS is the exercise for me!!” 


Susan, Anesthesiologist

“I feel like an animal.  I don’t know how anyone can not love this.”

Green Leaves

S.W., retired stock broker

In 25 years of taking Gyro, Celeste is the best teacher I’ve ever had.  Celeste's method is sublime. She incorporates yoga, dance, meditation and massage into Gyrotonics, making it a much more effective discipline.”


Super Limited Time Only.  Offer Ends Sunday 8/4/19
Fiesta Flash 500 Sale of the season!
Six, 1:1 Private Sessions of Your Choice.
(Valued up to $1800)
For ONLY $500 
Almost as good as warm, fresh churros.