For the love of

Flora & Fauna



NATURE  +  The ANIMAL Kingdom = Magnificent Medicine for the Soul



This delightful duo has been inspiringly instrumental in personal life.  


Here are FIVE FUN FACTS about Celeste:



1. As a teenager, she spent a couple years living in log cabins, tents, and teepees, deep in the woods.  Where she dug ditches, built a barn, and danced with deer.


2. After a vacation in Mexico, where Celeste was enthralled with brand new baby tigers, she returned to California and promptly signed up for Lion Taming School.  (True story.)


3. Before her education and career had her globetrotting, she traveled by bus, train, and automobile with a cat on a leash-- for 19 years.  


4. 14-year-old Celeste auditioned and attended ballet camp in the Aspen Alps, with primadonna peers.  


5. Okay, no nature or animals in this one, but she's a featured backup dancer in a campy Bollywood, booty shaking fitness DVD.  (Bonus points if you can find a clip on youtube!)