The Art of Exercising & Beyond®

Domini Anne, Master Trainer

I feel like an animal.  I don't know how anyone could not love this. 

-- Client, Maui

"Experience an exercise system unlike any other.  Where core strength is synonymous with total body freedom. 


The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a rotation based methodology with roots in Tai Chi and Kundalini Yoga.


Using a weighted pulley system, a perfectly calibrated resistance tones your muscles in all directions in space.


Incorporating breathing techniques and a quality of yawning, this exercise system adds elasticity and elegance to your workout.


And because the root of movement comes from the spine, all the systems of the body are invigorated, leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, energized and with an overall feeling of vitality in your body."



Internationally Certified Pre-Trainer (teacher trainer).


Gyrotonic Level I

Gyrotonic Level II, program 1 pre-training

Gyrotonic Level II, program 2 pre-training

Gyrotonic Level I Pre-Trainer



LEU (Leg Extension Unit)


JSB (Jumping Stretching Board)



Level I

Level II Beginner

Level II 

Metamorphosis-Breathing Course

Rejuvenation Course



Training & Teaching Experience:

Santa Barbara, Carmel, Los Angeles, San Francisco, California; New York City; Miami Florida; Maui & "Big Island" Hawaii; Bali Indonesia; Black Forest Germany 



Noteworthy Tutilege Under:

Juliu Horvath (creator), Hilary Cartwright (Yoga for Dancers/Yoga Narada creator), Specialized Master Trainer Domini Anne, Specialized Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa, Specialized Master Trainer Erika Hasaan, Specialized Master Trainer Lisa Marie