We’re about ILLUMINATING Creativity & FEELING Fluid Grace. 

Practical wisdom + sublime inspiration to help

successful artists & entrepreneurs 


in their business + life.  

Our specialty is Somatic Wellness &   Sophisticated Whimsy.


 Nothing is as powerful as feeling at home in your body.  When your inner landscape is aligned, your outer landscape reflects this. Navigating your internal terrain, with grace and ease, is the secret link to illuminating the success of your external endeavors. 


How you feel affects the way you walk into a first date, or an important meeting.  It affects how comfortably and quickly you create content for your new course or next gallery exposition. 

It helps determine how you interact with your loved ones, or professional team.  And it plays a role in being a compassionate best friend and generous human being.


The ascension of your accomplishments is in showcasing your swagger. Like icing your cupcake and adding rainbow sprinkles.



Illuminating your internal experience is our expertise.


For nearly 20 years, we've worked hands-on with hundreds of bodies + body-centric projects-- (both in creative arts and somatic education.) We've seen that no matter what size, shape, or inspired fitness level you live in-- we all struggle to feel better.  And we all strive to do better.  Create better.  Experience more fully.


Somatic Wellness is the study of human body holistic health. 

Sophisticated Whimsy is (our take) on joyfully experiencing the journey.

Maybe you're a yoga teacher, ready to take your teaching and practice to another level.  Maybe you're not a teacher at all, but you've experienced positive results from systems like yoga, dance or "alternative" health methods (such as acupuncture or Tai Chi.) You might be a coach, who wants to enhance skills for yourself and clients.  Or you're a filmmaker, who values making an impact through creative expression.


No matter who you are, it's universal that . . . 


When we feel crummy-- like if our back goes out, or we have a headache-- it's hard to concentrate on anything else; our production (and enthusiasm) level goes down.


When you learn how to tap into your "innermost awesomeness" (your unique gifts + wisest, highest self) -- your innate "superpowers" light up. Internal health & healing wonders activate, creative juices flow; you're at the top of your game.


When we focus on the end goal as the secret to happiness, we miss the magic that actually gets us there. When we learn principles of effort flow & critical creativity skills: our head, heart and spirit are integrally involved; we’re empowered to embody our desired feelings.


The answer is art, education & inspiration-- wise grounded teaching on sensory success.  Plus whimsical "pick-me-ups", in a heartfelt community-- a place that creates space for your wise inner child to run free, with illustrious abandon.

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